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Computer Science Principles - CE CS 1030

Computer Science Principles focuses on the fundamentals of computer architecture, networking, Internet architecture, web development, databases and software development. Computer Science Principles (CS 1030) is meant to be combined with Computer Programming (CS 1400) as a year long course. This course aligns with Weber State University's 4 credit CS 1030 - Foundations of Computing course. While this is an entry level course (no prior knowledge necessary), it is a college level course with a college level workload.

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Computer Programming 1 - CE CS 1400

Programming 1 focuses on the Python programming language and basic software development concepts and algorithm creation. It is only offered in the Spring semester to students who have completed Computer Science Principles (CS 1030). This course is aligns with Weber State University's 4 credit CS 1400 - Programming 1 course.

 In order to earn college credit in this course take this course a student must have:
• Passed CS 1030: Foundations of Computing (CE portion of Computer Science Principles) with a "C" or better
• Passed the AP CSP exam with ≥ 3
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Game Development Fundamentals - CE CS 1010

Game Design Fundamentals goes through the whole process of game design: from concept to design to game. Students will create a Game Design Document for a game of their creation, then make it in the Godot Game Engine. This is a year long course, and aligns with Weber State University's 3 credit CS 1010 - Introduction to Interactive Entertainment.

This course has a prerequisite of Programming 1 (CS 1400).

Required Textbook

Fundamentals of Game Design, 3rd edition
ISBN-10: 0-321-92967-5

Free digital access through Weber State's Library